Jeff Roster Joins Apptricity As Board Advisor

Former Gartner analyst to lead expansion into retail sector.

Irving, TX, April 29, 2020 – Apptricity is pleased to announce the addition of Jeff Roster as Chairman of the Retail Advisory Board. In his new role, Mr. Roster will be leading Apptricity’s expansion into the retail sector. He is well known in the retail industry as a leading retail analyst for Gartner and IHL for more than twenty years.

“We look forward to Jeff’s knowledge and involvement in helping Apptricity extend its Enterprise IoT technology into the retail market for global real-time visibility,” stated Tim Garcia, CEO and President of Apptricity.

“I couldn’t be more excited about working with a vendor like Apptricity to deliver what I believe to be the solution to the Achilles heel of retail, knowing in real-time what and where inventory items are located, worldwide,” said Mr. Roster. “With the Corona Virus exposing the supply chain shortfalls of our economy and with the new approaches that are going to be necessary in the post virus world of retail, partnering with Apptricity is the first big step for most retailers in solving the supply chain inventory visibility problem, and potentially social distancing challenges.”

Mike Seashols, Apptricity’s Executive Chairman, had this to say about Mr. Roster, “Jeff and I have a common passion for emerging technologies that can be a positive disruption in specific industry segments. Helping resolve some of retail’s problems is perfectly aligned with Jeff’s ability to analyze this sector and offer solutions such as ours.”

Using Apptricity’s inventory tracking module, a retailer has global real-time visibility of current inventory levels, where each inventory item is physically located, even in transit, personnel location and movement as well as near limitless data points to provide unmatched business intelligence, all while providing a real-time view of inventory availability and location.

Apptricity is well established in tracking personnel, assets and inventory for some of the largest organizations in the world.  The United States Army has been a satisfied user for over 15 years, utilizing Apptricity to track millions of personnel, assets and inventory items worldwide.  In the commercial sector, Verizon leverages Apptricity to track millions of assets and inventory items, from their distribution centers to their FiOS vehicles to installation, all in real-time.


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